Chester and Corsica Rivers and the Russian Compound

Maryland is a historic state in the Eastern United States. Though one of the USA’s smallest states, it has a range of climates and topographic characteristics that have earned it the moniker of America in Miniature. In this article, we are going to share a few famous travel spots here.


Chestertown is a famous historic college town on Maryland’s Eastern Coast, along the shore of the Chester River. The town was founded in 1706. The top things you can do and see in Chestertown include:  

  • Chestertown Arts & Entertainment District
  • Annual Festivals and Events
  • Dog park
  • The Historical Society of Kent County
  • Washington College
  • Schooner Sultana
  • Dixon’s Crumpton Auction
Windmill on a hill, Chestertown

Pioneer Point, Centreville

Pioneer Point, an estate of 45 acres, is located near Centreville by the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The Russian government owns it as a recreational spot for Russia’s diplomatic personnel in the rival country. The estate is situated in a peninsula created by the junction of two rivers – Chester and Corsica. John Raskob, famous for the Empire State Building, constructed this mansion of 19 rooms. It was originally known as the “Hartefeld Hall”. To host his thirteen children, he designed another big house near the mansion. After his death, the estate changed several hands over time. The then Soviet government bought it in 1972. After the Soviet Union dissolved, the Russian Federation bought the estate.

People treated Pioneer Point as a state property for the Russian Federation. Diplomatic immunity was used to shield activities in the region. After the allegation of Russia’s involvement in the presidential election of the United States in 2016, access of Russians to the site has been made limited. The then American President, Barack Obama, announced the sanctions that included the commutation. However, after six months of the sanctions, on May 31, 2017, the newly elected president Donald Trump with his administration decided to return Pioneer Point to the Russian Government.

The Town of Centreville

The town of Centreville has served as the center of commerce and governance for Queen Anne’s County for over two hundred years. The town became a successful center of trade by the busy wharf. The Centreville Landing includes a 26-foot wide boat ramp for motorized vessels, boat slips, and a large paved lot for cars and trailers. The Corsica River is part and parcel of Centreville, with it’s water trails starting from the soft launch at Centreville Wharf. The trails provide water recreation opportunities for paddlers of all levels.

The Corsica river has the following trails.

  • Mill Stream Trail
  • Yellow Bank Stream Trail
  • Alder Branch Trail

The wharf and landing areas get very busy during the boating season. Currents, tides, and changing winds can create problems for the paddlers. You should first check the conditions carefully before you start paddling. Also, go fishing in the Monocacy and its tributaries.

Keep in mind some safety tips while paddling or boating:

  • Wear a properly-fitted lifejacket that is US Coast Guard approved.
  • Dress appropriately according to the weather.
  • Always paddle closer to the shore.

Follow the weather news and be alert about the weather changes.